Practice Performance Assessment Scorecard

Discover the low effort, high impact route to improve your practice, your income and your life

In less than 7 mins...

  • Answer the diagnostic questions
  • See where you need to put your focus
  • Discover simple ways to see big results

Who's this for?

Accountants who own, partner or are at senior management level in an Accountancy Practice.

  • You can only improve if you know where you are now.
  • Knowing what to focus on will help you grow your Practice efficiently.
  • An instant results chart at the end of just 40 quick and easy questions.
  • An indepth report with 21 action steps you can take to make immediate Practice improvements
  • Optional access to additional FREE material if you want. No strings attached.
Your bonuses for investing your time to improving your Practice
Packed with growth strategies
Your comprehensive report
Improve Your Practice development programme
Packed with growth strategies

Why take the test?

There are 7 important areas of an effective Accountancy Practice. When they're strong they will enable Practice growth, a greater sense of fulfilment and less effort.

The 7 principles that enable you to have a strong, profitable and scaleable practice

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Absolute clarity on 3+ year vision, pricing and marketing stratgies and has it's cashflow and profits under control.

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Perceived as different from the competion. Attracting clients that pay highly for high value services.

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Delivering a suite of premium profit improvement and growth solutions to clients.

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The owner(s) have a great team culture they can leverage their time through to enable scaling up the practice.

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Every task performed in the practice by any team member is consistently delivered to the same high standard every single time.

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You are highly sought after by the types of businesses you really enjoy working with.

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Through consulting programmes and partnerships you're able to positively affect the lives of your clients, local/wider community in a way that's profound.

Is it reliable?

These principles are derived from over 20 year's experience improving the profits and success of over 2500 Accountancy Practices, helping Accountants get greater choice about...

  • The role they play
  • The hours they work
  • The income they take and
  • The difference they make

This experience has lead to having an indepth knowledge of the problems Accountants in practice often face and more importantly, the reasons those problems exist from a causal point of view.

This test will map the problems you're facing with the principles listed above and show you which of those elements your biggest challenges would be overcome by enhancing. The free report and related Practice improvement material that you can get at the end of the process will give you ideas, tactics and strategies that you can use to improve on those key areas and overcome your challenges.

Having the right foundations in place in your practice means that you have a choice about where you take that practice and what rewards it gives you in return.

That may be to have...

  • A £1m practice on a 3 day week
  • A £5m practice on a 3 day month
  • or simply a practice that earns you a great income and allows you to do the stuff you really enjoy